What details are required for ACK ELT E-04 programming?

There are three standard location protocols allocated for ELT’s. The Model E-04has the capability to be programmed for each of these protocols.


  • Standard Location Serial Number Protocol (REQUIRED INFORMATION: Country of Registration)

All Model E-04 ELT’s are factory programmed with this protocol and have USA (country code 366) as the country code. This protocol uniquely identifies the ELT by the manufacturers Type Acceptance Number assigned to the manufacturer by COSPAS and its COSPAS serial number. These numbers are factoryprogrammed and may not be changed and will remain the same throughout thelife of the ELT. The only change allowed to the programming in this protocol isthe country code which indicates which country the ELT is registered. This is the most simplified form of programming and we recommend using it whenever it is allowed.


NOTE: This protocol is not accepted by some CAA, such as Czech.


  • Standard Location 24-Bit Address Protocol (REQUIRED INFORMATION: 24-Bit Aircraft Address in HEX or Binary format)

This protocol uses the aircraft 24-Bit ICAO address to uniquely identify the ELT. This code is commonly referred to as the Mode S Code. Most countries have a civil aircraft registration data base which allows you to enter a aircraft tail number and find the ICAO or Mode S code. Most countries use the HEX format for this code however some use Binary or other formats.


  • Standard Location Operator Designator and Serial number Protocol

This protocol uses the aircraft fleet operators 2 or 3 character designator asassigned by IATA or ICAO along with the operators requested serial number touniquely identify the ELT. The operator should provide the designator code and the serial number for each ELT to be programmed.